Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Workshops on Jersey - part the second . . .

 A fabulous double print on the page of an old book.

 The third one day workshop at The Harbour Gallery on Jersey was a fast paced version of The Journey. The group worked really hard and produced some fabulous designs. The Journey is a design exercise I developed when I wrote, developed and taught the 4 year version of Experimental Textiles in what seems another lifetime ago.

I have taught this exercise as far afield as Australia and New Zealand. It always gets great results. It is also in my book Experimental Textiles, named after my course.
 The 7 Journeys all lined up together.

 2 sections taken from the 7 Journeys hanging on the wall.

We also played with the 'expanded' exercise that I love. Great for getting students to look at 'the spaces in between'.

Taking sections from The Journeys with 'L' shapes and tracing paper.
Creating original designs.

Starting to cut the printing blocks from the designs.

I use self adhesive foam and foam core board to make my blocks. They last for several years if you treat them right.

 The printing block is on the right and the print is on the left.

Playing with the printing block.

A new block and the first prints - fabulous.

 From 1 design you 2 printing blocks, the positive and negative.
This image show both blocks printed.

A wonderful selection of prints.

I was very pleased with what this group produced in just one day. Particularly as it was the last face to face workshop I will be teaching for a while. It was so good to be back on Jersey again. There is so much to see and do, and of course, it is always good to spend time with Pat Robson, the force behind The Harbour Gallery.

The Journey is now part of my new 6 month online version of Experimental Textiles. Have look if you are interested. experimentaltextiles.com  and www.sonas-studio.com/html/experimental_textiles

Wonderful colours, shapes and lines at one of the local bays.

I am starting to get bookings for my Look. Draw. Stitch Weekend Retreats. 
The January weekend is already booked and there are bookings coming in for June and September. There will be a maximum of 6 for each weekend so I can work with everyone individually. You make up your own group or book individually. You could even make it part of a longer holiday and bring your partner if you fancy. If you would like more information about these weekend with me in Ireland - have a look here. kimthittichai.com


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Friday, 22 September 2017

Workshops on Jersey - part the first . . .

A great torn and layered paper sample.

I love teaching on Jersey at The Harbour Gallery. It's a great space, right next to the cafe . . all that fabulous food, and of course, cake. 

My first workshop was at a local girls school, Beaulieu. We had a session with torn newspaper and magazines and Bondaweb. The girls produced some fabulous samples that could then be interfaced and stitched, or made into boxes, jewelry . . .

Here a few of the great samples from Beaulieu school -

Aren't they good? 

That evening I opened the Diversity exhibition at The Harbour Gallery, a very talented group of textile artists were showing their work.

The opening of the exhibition was well attended and there were several sales. There was lovely atmosphere, a great buzz. Whatever exhibition is on, The Harbour Gallery is a great place to wander around with many resident artists along with craft and art supplies.

I was booked to teach 3 one day workshops at the gallery., Friday to Sunday
On Friday 15th I taught a one day version of On the Surface, similar to what I taught at Beaulieu on the Tuesday before.

Painting up the Bondaweb.

As with the workshop at Beaulieu school, we used magazines and newspaper, but added old maps and used transfer foils for extra decoration.

Some great samples of my 'backgrounds and prettys' technique.

We had enough time on the day to have a go at newspaper faux chenille. I do so love this technique. A great way to use up old newspapers.

 Just 3 of the fab faux chenille samples.

On the Saturday it was On the Surface, my painted Bondaweb workshop. I was asked to add a short session on Tyvek with this workshop and here are a few samples of what was produced.

Painted Bondaweb with glitter.

 Strips of overlapped painted Bondaweb . .

 With added Tyvek shapes.

Some great combinations of Tyvek with Bondaweb.

We had a great 2 days - the final day was The Journey. I will write a separate post for that as the group created some really good work.


All these workshops are now available online on 

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Thursday, 14 September 2017

On the joys of a good boat bottom . . Jersey September 14th.

 Beautifully proportioned lines.

 I have had a couple of days to rest between workshops this week. I have just about shaken off the very lovely - not - infection in my lung. It affected my voice box so I had no voice for 7 days. This has never happened to me before - no voice. It was a very peculiar feeling not to be able to communicate with my voice. I am well on the road back to being fighting fit again, but it does remind me I do need to look after myself a bit more carefully. Note to self - eat more greens!!!

I am on Jersey to deliver 3 workshops at The Harbour Gallery over the coming weekend. It is great to be back here. It's been 3 years since I was here last. I love coming over here and it good to have some time with Pat Robson, the Force Majuer behind The Harbour Gallery. Pat is great fun and there is always something good happening at the gallery.

 Like most of you who read this blog, I love wandering around harbours and piers. There are always wonderful distressed textures and colours to enjoy. The Harbour at St Aubin is no different. I found myself enjoying the layers of lines that can be found wherever you look. I love looking at the proportions of the lines, all the composition ideas you could ever need are right there around you.

 Lines of boats and buoys.

 Lines and shapes that have been created by lines.

 Interesting spaces between the lines.

 Looking at repeat shapes that also create lines.

 But of course, the boat bottoms were calling . . .

We all love peeling paint and distressed colour. All we have to do is choose which part of the texture to photograph. That is where it becomes interesting. If 10 of us photographed the same boat - all the images would be slightly different. Different compositions, different focus and different distances. We all see composition differently and we all have different opinions as to what looks best. That is the joy of art - it is all a matter of opinion. There is always the theory of composition to back ideas up, but ultimately, it is all down to opinion.

This turquoise paint was stunning, peeling back to expose some wonderful layers of rust. A classic colour combination.

 The ridges on the hull of this wooden boat are just gorgeous, and the pale blue paint is a beautiful contrast to the wood underneath.

 Another fabulous wooden boat.

 Great lines. It is all done for me.

This was my favourite texture. Rusting metal. Just wonderful textures and a great colour combination.

The workshops on Jersey will be my last 'face to face' ones until 2019. 
For the next year I am going to concentrate on teaching how to develop new ideas from the inspiration that is around you.
These kind of images are the sort of thing we will be looking at on my 'Look. Draw. Stitch - Retreats' in Ireland. Of course we will also have the amazing dry stone walls, coastline, rock pools and hedge rows to be inspired by too. 

 The hedge rows are full of flowers on Loop Head from July to early September.

 There are wonderful rocks to explore at my local bays.

 This link will give you more information if you are interested in spending a long weekend with me in Ireland with a small group - maximum of 6. www.kimthittichai.com/html/land-_sea_and_sky.  There are a choice of 9 weekends. You can come by yourself or if you belong to a group, then you are already sorted.  I am looking forward to working closely with small groups of students, we will have fun and create some fabulous work, inspired by the beautiful Loop Head Peninsula.
 Lobster pots at Carrigaholt pier.


Sonas Studio - online workshops

The online workshops are going well. There are still places and plenty of time if you want to join in the fun. Have a look and see what still has places . . 

A fabulous sample from A New Starting Point.


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