Sunday, 21 July 2013

New Layered Textiles - Foredown Tower 15th - 19th July

 Fabulous painted newspaper and painted Bondaweb.

 This is going to be a hit and run post - don't have much time as I am about to leave for Shropshire. So lots of photos and not many words.

A five day summer school at Foredown Tower - New Layered Textiles. And it was definitely summer - pheeWWWWeee, very hot. We coped womanfully!!!
There were ten lovely students which is the maximum for that teaching studio.
We covered painted Bondweb on fabric and paper, Tyvek, newspaper faux chenille and cutting CS500 and 800 with a soldering iron and applying it to different back grounds. These images are a small selection of what we got up to - 

Painted Bondaweb on fabric and newspaper and book covers

Newspaper faux chenille -


Painted Vilene Spunbond CS500 and 800 backed with unpainted Bondaweb, cut with a soldering iron and then applied either to fabric of more CS800.


I haven't added the Tyvek images as there has been a lot of Tyvek in the past two posts. Apologies for the rush, there are only so many hours in the day.

My thanks to Val, Pippa, Lea, Trisha, Janet, Helen, Linda, Camilla, Martine and Frances for such a fabulous week.


I am frantically packing for the Textile Study Group summer school where I will be a student for a whole week, I am SO looking forward to it and to seeing all my friends there - Yippeee - Jill - one more sleep to go!

Pray that the Gods of the M25 will be good to me . . . . . 


I will be driving straight down to Redditch on Friday to teach the third weekend of Experimental Textiles - colour wheels! It's got to be done!!!! So you wont hear from me for a good week . . . . 

Be good till then. x x x 


Hello Diana! x x x

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Tinkering with Tyvek - Foredown Tower 13th/14th July

Two scrumptious Tyvek corsages.

We had a great weekend at Foredown Tower, a small but perfectly formed group of five. It was a great luxury to have two days to play with Tyvek, normally it is just included as one of many products in a workshop. 

Tyvek is a very versatile product which responds well to heat. It can be heated and shaped while hot so Tyvek is great for making three dimensional objects such as bowls and beads. It can be ironed lightly between baking parchment to create beautiful textures and also distressed and shaped with a heat gun.

                           Some of the corsages made on the weekend.

This is Pip making a rather large bead . . .

She made a few more and created a  . . . hair ornament!!!!

Claire making one of many beads.

A selection of Val's beads - they would make great tassel heads.

The group eating the very delicious cake that Pip made for the group. A very chocolatey, gold frosted masterpiece.

Karen surveying the very 'tidy' tables - I do TRY to encourage the students not to 'nest' - but you can't help making a bit of a mess.

The group in full on bead and corsage making

We also layered Tyvek with polyester organza, machine stitched together and then zapped with a heat gun to reveal different layers of colour.

The group got carried away making bowls . . .

Pip creating a zapped edge on one of her bowls.

 Julie's cellophane bowl.

 One of Pip's Tyvek bowls.

Julie's Tyvek bowl with polyester adornments.
Pip's Tyvek bowl.

  Val's Tyvek bowl.

Claires three Tyvek bowls and a box.

As you can see we had a good time and the students worked hard, these images are just a sample of what the group produced.


I am now halfway through teaching a five day summer school again at Foredown Tower (Yes! I like teaching there) and will post about that over the weekend. 
I hope you are all enjoying this fabulous weather, isn't it amazing?

x x x

Saturday, 13 July 2013

Hot Textiles - Denman College 10 - 12 July

 Maureen's fabulous layered and zapped Tyvek sample.

Denman College is a great place to teach, it is the home of the W.I. and the teaching facilities are superb as is the food and the accommodation. They offer a variety of courses throughout the year. It's always worth seeing what they have to offer. The grounds and gardens are very beautiful, at any time of the year.

 We were a select group, just five students, which meant we could cover more ground during the workshop. My Hot Textiles workshop covers most of the techniques in my book of the same name - and a few more.
Tyvek really got the groups attention and they had a good time trying out all the ways to distress and texture it.

Here are some of the samples -

In the photos below you can get an idea of how light and airy the textiles studio is . . 

 Maureen is on the left and Jessica is on the right . . . .

  . . then from the left there was Frances, Margaret and Carole.

The group were great fun, you always get a fascinating mix of personalities at Denman. There is no where else like it - Well, it is the WI. However, you don't have to be a member of the W.I. to go to the college, it is open to all. 

Frances is Australian and has been working in the U.K for several years and will be returning to Australia next year, she has invited me to stay in her home near the beach in Adelaide when I travel to teach in Australia next year.
It will be a good opportunity to see more of Australia and have a bit of down time - on the beach. It will be great to see Frances again.

Of course painted Bondaweb featured rather heavily in the workshop, it was ironed onto various fabrics and was decorated with all manner of sparkles and embellishments.


  . . . we also played with Vilene Spunbond CS500 in colours. We ironed (un painted) Bondaweb onto the back of Vilene Spunbond and decorated black iron-on interfacing and then cut out shapes with a soldering iron, which were then ironed onto a background.


The group worked hard and had a great laugh with each other, being such a small group they all had chance to get to know each other a bit - it was FAB!!!

We finished at lunchtime on Friday and I just managed to beat the dreadful queues on the M25 - I was home by 3.30. Phew!!! 


This weekend I am teaching Tinkering with Tyvek at Foredown Tower and then on Monday it is straight into a five day summer school at Foredown Tower - New Layered Textiles.

 Jill - NINE sleeps . . Yeehhaaa!!!!! Must start to get organised.

Diana - I am still missing you . . . !!!  

x x x