Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Experimental Textiles 2nd week-end - 2nd day.

One of Heidi's overprints.

The workshops are supposed to start at 10 am but every one was in and working before 9.30 am. The group were well into their printing blocks and were raring to go. Some of the group had taken extra materials home to make more printing blocks overnight. Mirror images of their original blocks was a popular choice.

Shaun about to print onto one of her beautiful repeat prints with Emma in the background applying paint to her block.

Liz, Jo, Tracey and Heidi all working hard - totally oblivious to my taking a photo.

I love this block of Tracey's, the top print is on tissue paper, the bottom one is on tin foil.

 The top print is the positive block, the bottom print shows the positive and negative blocks.


2 of Liz's prints, the top two are on newspaper (gorgeous) and the bottom one is on pages torn from a sketch book.

Heidi was better pleased with her block when she cut it into two . . .

One of Heidi's roller prints that she has started to stitch into.

Emma was very prolific all weekend.

Emma's blocks are on the right and the long strip is leather printed with the positive and negative blocks.

Emma has started to collage and stitch some of her prints.

Clare made these blocks over night - beautifully printed onto linen.
Clare's first try out prints of the blocks which were flooded with procion dye powder and water. We use acrylic paint to print with and this resists the clourwash and gives you a fabulous coloured background for your prints. Much cheaper than buying coloured paper to print onto.

One of Shaun's lovely blocks - this one was a section of her 'journey' form the first week-end.

Shaun's blocks are at the top of this image and the printed cloth shows her mirrored blocks.

Another one of Shaun's beautiful printed cloths showing the repeats and overprinting with the 'negative' block.

Jo had fun trying to match her overprints and off setting them.

A table full of fabulous prints all developed from Jo's original designs from the first week-end.

Sally tried printing on all kinds of card and paper from cereal packets to envelopes like the one above.

One of Sally's overprints.

Sally created an amazing body of work over the weekend.

I love teaching at The Old Needle Works, it is an old industrial building that has all the facilities I need for my teaching, space, large tables, power and water.
Add to that my lovely friend Brenda Killigrew being in attendance to check we have enough biscuits, coffee, lunch - it makes me a very happy girl.

Our next week-end is the 14th & 15th July - not long for them to do their homework. They are stitching into their prints. 

If you belong to Facebook go to https://www.facebook.com/pages/Experimental-Textiles-Kim-Thittichai/163283957086090 and look at the photo albums.


There are 4 places left on my one day workshop Bonded and bejewelled newspaper for stitch, at Foredown Tower on the 10th June. Foredown Tower, Foredown Road, Portslade, Brighton. 01273 422632. The cost of the workshop is £35.


I am off to the Isle of Wight Thursday to Sunday with the family - we are giving the old'uns a short break in a rather splendid hotel. I am looking forward to some gentle walks in beautiful countryside, big cooked breakfasts  . . and time with my wonderful sister.


Monday, 25 June 2012

Experimental Textiles 2nd weekend 1st day.

Sally's random print.

We had the second weekend of Experimental Textiles at The Old Needle Works this weekend. We had a FABULOUS time and the group produced some beautiful work.
The homework from the first week-end was to take one of their designs and interpret it in any material as long as it was black and white.

Liz's homework - to develop one of their designs.

 The design Liz worked from.

 Emma's homework.

 Part of Sally's home work.

 Part of Shaun's home work.

 Part of Tracey's homework.

Part of Clare's homework

 Heidie's homework.

 Part of Jo's homework

This week-end the students made printing blocks from their designs and experimented using them on different types of paper and fabric.

Some of the group working hard.

more of the group . . . 

Clare applying paint to her block - 

Clare printing onto paper with her block and using a 'dry' roller for extra pressure.

A print of both of Shaun's blocks. One design will create two blocks -
a positive (on the right) and a negative (on the left).

Printing onto newspaper -

 . . and onto brown paper, using alternate blocks.

Liz's first block prints and roller prints before they were flooded with dye.

Some of Heidie's first experiments with her blocks.

 . . and some of Tracy's 

 . . and one of Sally's overprinted and overprinted and . . 

I hope my girls had a good time, they seemed to, I of course - had a BRILLIANT time! Using original designs to create printing blocks and decorate papers and fabric all weekend - lots of colour and print - wonderful.
All these basic techniques can be found in my second book Experimental Textiles and was originally taught me by Ruth Issett the Queen of Colour and an amazing tutor.
Ruth teaches along with Bobby Britnell at Bobby's beautiful studios -

I have loads more to show you so will do another post tomorrow . . . 


Monday, 18 June 2012

Hot new jewelled surfaces for stitch at Maidenhead

Layers of various weights of Vilene Spunbond zapped with a heat gun to create lovely lacy edges. Gold embossing powder was added for extra texture and flash!

I am very lucky to be able to lecture and deliver workshops on the processes and products I love. I know I get tired dashing about the country, but there are many worse ways to pay your mortgage.

 On Friday night I managed to find the hall where I was due to deliver my lecture having left all the paperwork, contact numbers and directions on top of the car and then driving off - aarrggHH!!! Luckily I had tapped the postcode into my Tomtom the day before just to check on the time it would take for me to get there. Phew! It was VERY lucky or I would have been in a pickle!!

Two layers of polyester organza that have been backed with Bondaweb, cut with a soldering iron and then ironed one on top of the other. 
Simple and beautiful.

The Windsor and Maidenhead group were very welcoming and my car was unloaded in record time, it was great to see so many familiar faces. Everything went well, all the display tables set up with my nid-noi.com products and my teaching samples and the data projector was talking to my laptop so all appeared to be going well - until I tried to get onto the second slide of my Powerpoint slide show. The screen froze and I eventually had to reboot my laptop. This is always a nightmare - what we all dread. It happened with the lecture last week in St Albans and I thought it was just a one off. The group were very patient while the laptop rebooted and all was well in the end but I did feel a tad unprofessional. Needless to say my little laptop will be off to see a nice IT man this week. It was suggested I may have too much on my desktop!!!! We will see . . . . 

 The group having fun playing with Bondaweb and other delights.

Painting the Bondaweb.

There were twelve in the group, it is my favourite number, small enough to get to see everyone and large enough for lots of fun. We were working with various weights of Vilene Spunbond, polyester organza and painted Bondaweb using heat guns and soldering irons to create fabulous edges. On this workshop we were using embossing powders as well as heat transfer foil for that extra flash.

A girl can never have enough tables - I had FOUR! Enough for all my products, samples and to demonstrate on. You know how I like to spread out . . . !

Polyester organza with Bondaweb ironed on the back then shapes have been cut out and then ironed onto more polyester organza.

Pre coloured CS500 Vilene Spunbond www.nid-noi.com
again with Bondaweb on the back, cut with a soldering iron and ironed onto black pelmet Vilene light. www.nid-noi.com/product

Ironing the painted Bondaweb onto various weights of Vilene Spunbond. 

Sue (the lady standing and leaning over the table) was a fantastic 'handmaiden', I had a wonderful lunch laid out for me and every time I turned round during the day there was a cup of coffee and a chocolate biscuit waiting for me. I was very spoilt!

Painted CS700 Vilene Spunbond decorated with painted Bondaweb and a strip of satin cut with a soldering iron.

More painted Vilene Spunbond decorated with painted Bondaweb and mica flakes that has been zapped with a heat gun to create the lacy edges.

One piece of CS800 (the heaviest) Vilene Spunbond, decorated with painted Bondaweb and gold embossing powder zapped with a heat gun to create holes and a fab edge.

A layered sample experimenting with embossing powders on the edges. We thought this was a bit heavy with just the two colours of embossing powder. It needs several tones to stop it looking so heavy - this is how we learn . . . .

A selection of samples using polyester organza decorated with painted Bondaweb, gilding flake and mica flakes.

We had a great day and some fabulous samples were created. Many thanks again to Sue for looking after me SO well.


I have a 'sorting out' week this week, re-ordering the Decovil light and Decovil 1 as I sold my entire stock of both over the weekend, I need to see my web developers about a few changes on nid-noi.com and I MUST sort out all my teaching boxes that are all over the house. Then I can enjoy getting ready for my Experimental Textiles group at the weekend. We will be making printing blocks from their designs and printing onto papers and fabrics. Yeehaa! I can't wait to see them (and their home work). If you haven't seen thier work from the first weekend - there a two albums on Facebook

It is very cold today - the heating is back on and it looks very dark outside - I had better go and unload the car before it rains AGAIN!