Monday, 28 November 2011

Bondaweb . . and Cake!

It's all happening this week - and it's all Bondaweb!!! I have written an article on painting and decorating Bondaweb for Stitch Magazine which is out NOW!!

Painted Bondaweb - simple and stunning

Painted  Bondaweb decorated with heat transfer foils, sequins, glitter and artichoke heart seeds. Finished off with my usual very delicate hand stitch - not!

If you enjoy reading the article in Stitch and want to learn more, then my new DVD Creative Bondaweb will be out on the 1st December (hopefully).
Click on this link for a sneaky preview - 

If you order before the 1st December you can buy the DVD for £18 including worldwide postage. After the 1st December it will be £22 including worldwide postage. (Please note, if you order any other products from then postage will be applied)

and - not only but also . . . I have a workshop on printed Bondaweb in the December issue of Workshop on the Web It is a mere £15.50 to subscribe to this quarterly web 'magazine'. Fantastic value for great workshops.


I AM a Domestic Goddess!!!!!
The Open Houses started this weekend and we had loads of regular visitors plus several new faces. It is always a worry as to whether anyone will turn up - but they do. I am so far off the beaten track that only the very intrepid explorers find us. Luckily we have a reputation as a welcoming, warm and slightly bonkers house and news seems to be travelling fast. I think this is our 4th Christmas Open House. If you are interested have a look at our website -
It is a chance for me to bake - not something I do very often as regular readers of this blog will know! It makes a welcome change for me to use a different kind of heat tool - an oven!!! I have mastered the basic Victoria sandwich now with several variations - here we have -

Toasted flaked almond and dessicated coconut with butter cream

The Favourite - home made strawberry jam and butter cream

I also made cheese scones and mince pies - my goodness, wonders will never cease! It is great fun serving tea and cake and chatting to my visitors - they are always so interesting.


Back to work now, has gone mad, I think all the promotion for the DVD has driven new orders, which a great, but there are lot to get out today so I must get on with it. Those of you who have ordered the DVD already, as soon as I have my hot little hands on them - so will you. I am hoping the delivery will arrive on the 1st December . . .

Happy Monday everyone!


Thursday, 24 November 2011


My Open House starts this weekend - aarrrGHH!!!!! Some how I WILL be ready. We have a wonderful mix of colour and texture - if you want to know more or fancy coming along for tea and cake - go to

 Syvia Lynton

 Mary Moox

 Lyn Brooks

 Jose Heasman

 Ember Vincent

Gary Smith 

 Jayne Routely

 Kim Thittichai

 Mary's Lamb

Tideline Finds

I'm off to clean windows, display some wonderful work, make some mince pies, hoover, display more work, stick brooch backs to brooches and FINISH SOME WORK to hang!!!


Monday, 21 November 2011

LBD's at the D & T Show November 17th - 19th

You may remember a few posts back that I was talking about the LBD collection from Portsmouth College. I was so impressed with what Sarah Patterson and her students had achieved using amongst other things, black bin liners, bubble pack and polyester organza that I asked ICHF if we could display them at the Design & Technology Show. The organisers said Yes! and we had a display at the front of the hall. It looked fantastic.

Not only were the dresses at the D & T Show but Sarah and her clever students, along with their work will be exhibiting at the Fashion, Embroidery & Stitch Show at the NEC Birmingham in March next year. I am hoping that some of the garments will be featured in the daily fashion shows. Dedicated teachers like Sarah deserve a round of applause now and then. Well Done Sarah!!!!

I had a lovely big stand to play on. I am very lucky to be a part of this show. It is only for educational professionals and it is my job to inspire teachers to include textiles in their teaching. The show is full of big machinery including laser cutters, heat presses and all kinds printers and educational supplies. One of the products I got to play with was HIPS. High Impact Polystyrene Sheet is used for vacuum forming. The bits that are left over after a shape has been formed are then shredded. A young man very kindly gave me a bucket of shredded HIPS.

 a bucket full of lovely coloured HIPS chips!!!

I had seen this young man turning all these coloured chips into sheet form with a heat press and then laser cutting it. As I had my heat press on the stand I thought I would have a go. I discovered my heat press was hot enough to melt the HIPS into a sheet. I added some sequins to the mix - ooohh! Sparkly! As I don't have a laser cutter - YET!!! I thought I would try cutting this sheet with my die cutting machine. This was bit naughty as the dies are not made to cut anything as thick or hard - but it worked! I don't think I should do it too often, but a girl has to try these things.

This is a brooch I made from the HIPS - I  love this stuff and will be playing more.

But for now I need to get on with clearing and cleaning my house ready for the Open House this weekend. My first artists are arriving tomorrow so I had better get a move on . . . . . 


Friday, 18 November 2011

My NEW Creative Bondaweb DVD - Special Offer pre order now!

My new DVD will be out on the 1st December priced £19 plus P & P. As a special offer, if you order the DVD before 1st December you can buy it for £18 including worldwide P & P. (saving a minimum of £4) The 10 chapters cover applique, hot transfer foiling, painting Bondaweb, ironing onto unusual surfaces, Hot Spots!, layered surfaces with painted Bondaweb and much more . . . .This DVD will play on all international formats and computer disc drives.

There should be something for everyone on the DVD - if you are a beginner it takes you through all my basic processes with Bondaweb then onto the more decorative layered techniques and it should make you laugh when you see my not so deliberate mistake!!!!

 The film is being edited now, as soon as there is an available clip I will post it on here.


Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Hot Textiles Surgery at the D & T Show Stand E09

 Transfer printed Evolon with Bondaweb on the back. Run through a laser cutter to cut the design. The backing paper was then peeled off the Bondaweb and the Evolon was ironed onto black cotton.

I am off to the Design and Technology show at the NEC now - The show is open to educational professionals only - 17th - 19th November. The D & T show  If you are a teacher and wish to come and pick my brains - (you are most welcome to what is left) my Hot Textiles Surgery is on Stand E09. I have a big stand to play on and am taking my Big Shot Pro die cutting machine and my heat press. I also hope to get my hands on a laser cutter . . . . . .

I always have great fun at this show - THREE whole days to play! As you can imagine my stand gets into a terrible mess - I can't imagine why!!!!

I will report back with what I got up to next week - AARRGGHH!!! The Open Houses start the following weekend - am I ready??? Ha Ha Ha!!!!


Saturday, 12 November 2011

What a fabulous day!

 One of my samples from several years ago when I was a student on one of Ruth Issett's wonderful Summer Schools for the TSG (Textile Study Group)

I am having a fabulous day, I have just returned from giving my last lecture this year to a new group based in East Grinstead. The group is named 'Context' - and they are a Comtemporary Quilt Group with a large and lively membership. I had a thoroughly enjoyable couple of hours talking to the group and showing them some of my work and samples - old and new. It was good to get a chance to look at some of my older pieces as well as all my new newspaper and Spunbond pieces.

  This was a popular sample - layers of CS500 Vilene Spunbond, painted Bondaweb and gilding flake cut with a soldering iron ans ironed onto black CS500.

'Context' have only been together for a year but seem very well organised. Everyone was very helpful and happy - there was a great atmosphere. I really had a great time - I think all the ladies did too . . . 


On the way out of The Chequermead Centre where Context meet I bumped into one of my ex students who studied with me for 2 years at Portslade.
It was wonderful to see her and to catch up with what she had been up to. 
She was very eye catching as she was wearing an 1805 empire line costume including a bonnet. Very Jane Austin! One of things Eileen is now up to is running a period and fancy dress costume hire facility out of the Chequermead Centre every Saturday from 10 - 1pm. All the costumes are hand made and exquisitely finished (she didn't learn that from me!). The proceeds go to help the Chequermead Theatre and they have raised £14.000 in the past 3 years - amazing!!!It is always so GOOD to see my girls.


My day will get even better as my best friend in the whole world and Margate (old T.V show reference - I think it was Adreinne Posta) is coming down from London where she lives and we are spending the evening with my gorgeous sister and her husband. They are planning a sumptuous meal for us and no doubt a little alcohol will be consumed. I am going to be a very old lady on Monday and I will be about to leave for the D & T show that day so we are celebrating tonight! Yeehaaa - All my favourite people together in the same room. Marvelous. (That would include Talulah and Jill if you could get here)!!!

So - time to wind down, choose what wear - elasticated waist possibly!!!!
It feels as though school is out. Definitely time to turn up the music on the stereo and start to apply the poly-filla!!!!!

Hope you are having a great day too . . .  x

Sunday, 6 November 2011

New Layered Textiles at Inkberrow Design Centre - part 2

 Layers of newspaper and polyester organza stitched together and slashed and distressed to create faux chenille.

One of the things we did on the first day of this course was to paint newspaper with procion dye. Normally I would use the newspaper that I have used over and over again when protecting my work surface. If you can build up the colour over time you get a wonderfully random effect of splodges of paint and dye. We didn't have that luxury of time so just had to make do with one coat of dye.

Several layers of newspaper and polyester organza machine (we used 8 of each) stitched together in 'tram lines' the width of your machine foot or slightly wider. You then cut through the top layers but NOT the bottom layer. I add a piece of dyed craft/pelmet Vilene as the bottom layer before I stitch all the layers together. This reinforces your work as newspaper is very fragile. The craft/pelmet Vilene also make your work firm enough for book covers or vessels.

Cutting through all the layers can be a laborious task - but worthwhile!

Once all your 'tram lines' have been cut you can then distress your work. I use the end of a pair of scissors - you could use a wire brush. Do some experiments with different types of 'distressors' and see which effect you like best. Several students found this part of the process quite addictive. It can be difficult to know when to stop . . . .  If you do get into it - just remember, relax your shoulders and neck and BREATH!!! It is so easy to hold your breath when you are concentrating. Breathing is very good for you . . !

 Newspaper faux chenille stitched into.

 . . and not stitched into . . . 

 . . with curved and straight lines . . 

It was great to work with such a fabulous group of students - both at Inkberrow Design Centre and at Denman College earlier in the week. I am very lucky to able to teach what I love. Whilst is can be hard work with lots of loading and unloading of the car - there is nothing else I would rather do. Working with such interesting, fun and generally lovely people is a joy!


That is the end of my teaching for this year, I have one more lecture next Saturday then it is the Design & Technology show at the NEC, Birmingham 17th - 19th November. I have lot of preparation for the show as I have a 6 metre x 3 metre stand - The Hot Textiles Surgery for teachers to come and be inspired and ask questions. I always have fun helping teachers to include more textiles in their lessons.

Then it will be my Open House - AARRGHH!!!!!! I have 9 other artists exhibiting in my house, I had better stop writing and start cleaning and tidying my house. I have a whole 9 days at home - wonderful. I have a huge amount to do, but now I have time to do it! Can you hear me breathing a sigh of relief?


I missed this image off the blog yesterday. Transfer printed CS800 (heaviest) Vilene Spunbond, backed with Bondaweb and then cut with a soldering iron. The shapes were then ironed onto CS500 (lightest) Vilene Spunbond.
I loved the effect and didn't want you to miss seeing it.


Enjoy your Sunday!

Saturday, 5 November 2011

New Layered Textiles - Inkberrow Design Centre 3rd - 4th November

Newspaper background decorated with painted Bondaweb, gilding flake and newspaper strips.

I will have to split the blog about this 2 day workshop into 2 posts as there was so much excellent work produced there will be too much for just one. We covered painted Bondaweb, disperse dying (transfer printing) on Vilene Spunbond, applique cut with soldering irons and newspaper faux chenille. The faux chenille will be posted tomorrow.

IDC (Inkberrow Design Centre) is one of my favourite places to teach. I love the atmosphere there and the studios are perfect for my style of workshop. This is why I have chosen to teach my new 8 month version of Experimental Textiles there next year. 

There is lots of room to spread out in the main studio - and plenty of sockets for heat tools. With a 3 phase power supply we can use as many heat tools as we want and not worry about blowing the circuit.

Many layers of painted Bondaweb decorated with threads and strips of fabric

Black cotton decorated with painted Bondaweb and strips of painted and dyed newspaper. This sample was further embellished with a toning machine satin stitch to give definition. Sally didn't like it - but I loved it!! Let's hope she thinks it looks better on here . . . . . 

One of the exercises was to transfer print Vilene Spunbond, iron plain Bondaweb onto the back and then cut out shapes with a soldering iron to be applied onto a background of either black fabric or another piece of transfer printed Spunbond.

This is what was left when the shapes had been cut out - the negative space.
It was so lovely Julia ironed it onto black cotton - FAB!

 A combination of decorated painted Bondaweb and cut Vilene Spunbond

Transfer printed and cut Vilene Spunbond applied onto a background of more transfer printed Vilene Spunbond.

and more . . . . !

So - I think you can see we had a busy and very successful workshop. More tomorrow . . . . . I'm off to give a lecture to TACKS this afternoon in Kent. I need to get ready, unload the car and find my projector. It should be good fun, they sound like a fabulous group.

See you tomorrow!