Friday, 9 September 2016

Catching up . . September 9th

 Playing with printing blocks

 Well, that was a month . . . 
Apologies for the rather long gap between posts, I have sold and moved out of my house in Brighton. Oh my goodness - THREE skips full of STUFF!! Start de-cluttering right now if you are anything like me in keeping things - just in case you need them. You won't!

This has made me re-think about how many clothes and shoes I actually need. As well as all the art and textiles media we buy and then look at and never use. We are buying time and opportunity, yet never use them! 
Everything is now in storage until I move to Ireland.

Since I last posted I have taught an ExTex 5 weekend and an ExTeXtra weekend. Here is a taster of what we covered . . .

August 21st and 22nd saw the 3rd weekend of Experimental Textiles, ExTex for short. We are now on our 5th year at the IDC Studios
and it is my last year teaching Experimental Textiles in this form - hopefully I will be teaching it online by the end of next year.
The 3rd weekend is Colour Theory, looking at how colour works and how certain artists use colour. 

At the beginning of each session we look at what the group have done for homework, as the group become more confident with each other, they are more honest and relaxed as they discuss the work. It is a wonderful thing to watch a group develop and start to support each other.

Dia talking about her homework, experimenting with her printing blocks.

I particularly liked this layered piece using up torn pieces of block printed paper.

Once the homework had been discussed, we got on with the activity for the day - painting colour wheels. Whilst I encourage the instinctive use of colour, I think it is important for my students to understand how basic colour theory works.

An important subject to cover.

The second day we had a day where the students could play with their printing blocks, tearing and layering while I had a tutorial with each student individually. The 3rd session tends to be the time when some members of the group get 'the wobbles', are they good enough? That kind of thing. It is vitally important to support and encourage continuously. Students have lives and pressures outside the course that can effect how they react to how they handle it.

Here are a few of the pieces . .

Some lovely samples.

On the 3rd and 4th of September is was the 3rd ExTeXtra session. ExteXtra is the group than goes on after ExTex has finished. They have 4 sessions with me over the year as they start to develop their work and plan exhibitions and all that entails. This weekend we looked at working in 3D.

Having fun with 3D

I nipped over to Ireland to have a second look at the house I am hoping to buy, I am hoping I will have better luck with this one. I am going again next week to talk to my surveyor and solicitor and see the house again. I am not going to post any photos of the house until I know everything is going through. The results of the survey will be crucial. There is an issue with access and right of way!!! This should all be sorted out next week . . . I hope.

I have been enjoying exploring the West Coast of County Clare and The Loophead Peninsula where the house is.

 The light changes almost continuously most days.

A view from the Kilkee Cliffs.
When I manage to buy a house and settle in Ireland, my life will slow down a bit - it is time to get on with my own work. 
I will still teach and do the shows in the UK, but not so often, watch this space . . .


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