Wednesday, 15 June 2016

2 weekends of texture and colour - FAB!

Fabric weight Tyvek, painted green, textured between baking parchment with an iron and then foiled.

Two weekends of fun, colour and texture, who could ask for more? I taught my Hot Textiles workshop at The Bridge in Brighton ( on the 4th & 5th of June and then we had a weekend of Extreme Surfaces for Stitch with my ExTeXTra girls at the IDC studios in Redditch.

Teaching two similar workshops on following weekends is a great treat- I don't have to unload and reload the car. I am looking forward to the end of the year when all this stops. I have 2 summer schools and two workshops left this year - then that is it - till June 2017. So if you want to work with me, book up now. All the workshops on are the right hand side of the blog. I will also be doing several shows.

So - on with the texture and colour. Both workshops included Tyvek, polyester organza and Lutradur/CS800.

ExTeXtra painting up their Tyvek.

75 grm Tyvek, painted silver, textured between baking parchment with an iron and then foiled with silver.

To texture Tyvek - place a sheet between two sheets of baking parchment, and iron VERY Lightly in a slow circular motion. the Tyvke will pucker up and create textures. There is no need for any pressure when ironing the Tyvek, it needs to have room to move.

A pile of texture experiments.

Great colours together.

Playing with strips and shapes.

More experiments.

Both groups layered Tyvek with polyester organza and stitching the layers together with machine stitch.

Stitching the layers on the machine.

Catherine zapping her layers with a heat gun.
These heat guns can be bought from Art Van Go

The zapped, layered samples looked great. It is a good lesson on how to control the heat. Trying to reveal various layers rather than just blasting all the way through, Though that can look good too.

One side of Catherine's zapped sample . .
 . .  and a detail.
And the other side.

This is Jackies sample, before and after zapping.

This is Sara Cook's . . .


Jackie also tried weaving strips of Tyvek, and then texturing it with an iron.

Detail of textured, woven Tyvek

My ExTeXtra group are very into 3D at the moment - so Mary was keen try a more 3D approach to the Tyvek.

Mary's first experiment with the fabric weight Tyvek.

Then we went onto playing with Lutradur/CS800 . . .

 Painted Lutradur/CS800

Zapping the Lutradur/CS800

Playing with the zapped strips . . .

Layered zapped strips.

Jackie couldn't resist pitting her layered vessel on her head!!!!

More layered zapped Lutradur/CS800

Great layers of texture ready for stitch.

Polyester organza can be shaped and zapped with heat.

Zapped, layered and shaped polyester organza.

Polyester organza decorated with painted Bondaweb and sparkle, then zapped.

Detail of zapped, decorated polyester organza. Great texture.

Both weekends were great fun. The groups worked hard and created some fabulous experiments.

This was Mary's combination of Tyvek and Lutradur/CS800 - great stuff!!

This has a kind of 'henge' feel to it - don't you think?


I will be back at the IDC studios for the first session of Experimental Textiles 5 at the end of this month. I can't wait to meet the group, we are going to have an amazing journey together.


My Summer Schools - One in Redditch and one in Brighton.

A New Starting Point - Inkberrow Design Centre Redditch
Monday 18th - Friday 22nd July 
10am - 4pm

Five days of fun and experimentation with painted and dyed newspaper and book pages, painted Bondaweb, gilding flakes and sequins.  Learn how to create amazing textures with faux chenille. This is the second workshop to showcase the new techniques in my latest book ‘Reclaimed Textiles’. We will paint and decorate the newspaper and Bondaweb and build up layers and textures ready to print and stitch onto. There will be plenty of jewel like products with which to embellish your work. You will develop your samples with stitch, ready to turn into vessels and boxes by backing the samples with heavy interfacings. Or you could decorate a canvas. Free machine embroidery on water soluble will feature on this course, so you will be able to do free machine embroidery. You will leave with at least one finished exquisite vessel, box or decorated canvas.


Rhythm and Space -  The Bridge Community Centre, Brighton
Monday 22nd - Friday 26th August
10am - 4pm

Design and create with music in mind. Music can provoke its own colour palette & textures. Orchestrate layers of texture and colour, incorporating surface decoration techniques, print, dye and stitch. This should be a truly symphonic experience! Students will work through original designs and create their own printing blocks.
There will be time to finish a wall panel or decorate a canvas.


If you are out and about this weekend, (18th & 19th) I will be at the Tanglewood open house in Shoreham by Sea. It is a fabulous house, full of colour and excitement . . and CAKE!!!


Thursday, 2 June 2016

A week on the West Coast of County Clare - just looking . . .

The cliffs at Kilkee.

There now follows a promotional post on the glories of The Wild Atlantic Way, on the West Coast of County Clare, Ireland . .  Well that is what it is going to seem like.

I have just returned from the most glorious week in Ireland, I am now looking for a property to buy over there, well I hope I have found one - but we shall see . . . The weather was amazing long, hot sunny days - every day, it is still warm there now - I am here in chilly old Brighton. However - there are worse places to be.

This is just a quick post, I am teaching this weekend so there will be a Hot Textiles post early next week. I am slowly working through all of my bookings. I am not taking any more for next year til I know what is happening and where I will be living. I will be doing the shows next year - but will probably be it. I have 5 workshops left this year - 2 are 5 day summer schools. My diary is on the right hand side of the blog - with links to the venues. 

Experimental Textiles is now full and will be starting later this month and ending in March 2017 - then that will be it for a while.

 Back to Ireland -
The beaches along the West Coast of County Clare are wonderful, sandy. I am used to pebbles in Brighton. The sea sounds less angry when it comes in over sand.

 The huge beach at Lahinch.

 I am particularly fond of the coastline at Crumlin, the rocks were carved out in the ice age, amazing textures.

 On the cliffs at Crumlin.

My cousin has a house down in Carrigaholt where I stay, it is always good having family around. Especially one who knows the area so well. She has been a wonder.

 The pier at Carrigaholt.

As with most fishing piers there is always plenty of inspiration. . .

Gorgeous textures.

 That's it for now - more next week.


My new work is in this fabulous open house in Shoreham by Sea as part of the Adur Art Trail.  I popped in today to drop a few things off - my goodness it does look good - such a beautiful variety of work.

15 The Meadway Shorehamby Sea, Sussex, BN43 5RN

It is open the first 3 weekends in June 10am - 4pm. I will be there on the 18th/19th.


Hello Diana - not long now.
Jill 14 sleeps - Yeehaa!!!  
Tod - exciting times - squeeeellllll.

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