Monday, 25 January 2016

Metal with ExTex 4 January 9th & 10th

A rather splendid sample by Nadine.

Here I am FINALLY, sorry this has been delayed. Have had a bit of a struggle with WIFI access while I am traveling in New Zealand. It can be a problem uploading a lot of photos.

The 7th weekend of Experimental Textiles is a 'students choice'. The group negotiate what they would like to learn. I have to put my hands up to guiding them towards working with metal. It is a great material to work with, the girls had a fun time working with all the supplies they brought into class.

A great bundle of fun to sort out and manipulate.

Different metal shims, embossed or coloured with alcohol inks.

Embossed copper embossed and cut to shape.

Of course - sweet papers were an integral part of the workshop.

This was a fun table full of materials - an old vegetable rack, tin foil and packs of covered metal wire.

These samples were made by layering different metal shims with washers.

Drinks cans came in very useful . . .

Weaving with strips cut from a drinks can.

I will be teaching this group again on the 6th & 7th of February, they have 2 sessions before their end of year show at The Fashion Embroidery & Stitch Show at the NEC in March.  
I am looking forward to seeing what they have done for homework, they are a great group and work hard in between the sessions.

We are now taking bookings for the the last course of Experimental Textiles which will run from June 2016 - March 2017. If you would like more information do have have a look at the website - 
or if you wish to book a place - phone 01527 69100  The group is limited to 10 places. This will be the last time I teach this course in this form.


I am writing this post in New Zealand, those of you who follow me on Facebook will know what I have been getting up to. I have started on some preliminary work for my exhibition with Susan Chapman in March at the NEC - the same show that students are exhibiting at!!! It is wonderful to have the time and space to get on with some new work. With my teaching load I just haven't had the time. I am now making the time.

I am staying with friends that I met when I first taught in New Zealand 4 years ago. Denise Cleghorn and Christine Marks have become very good friends and are a very good reason for me to develop my teaching in New Zealand. I have taught out here every year since 2012. In 2017 I will be in New Zealand for 6 - 8 weeks during April and May. 3 weeks on the North Island and at least 3 on the South. I am in the process of finalising my teaching and will be putting the dates and venues on my diary at the end of February. Isn't it amazing where teaching can take if you make a bit of effort to plan ahead?

Printing with my printing blocks

Before I left the UK I managed to make some new printing blocks based on drawings I made of shells photographed on Moeraki Beach when I was over on the South Island in 2014. I have been playing with the printing blocks, generating ideas.

Denise on her verandah.

For most of my visit I have been staying with Denise at her farm near Cheviot, between Christchurch and Blenheim. It feels as though I have been in paradise, with time to play and experiment in Denise's studio, chat to Denise all day, eat wonderful, home grown organic food and marvel at the outdoor living that you can enjoy this time of year in New Zealand. 

For the past couple of days I have been traveling with Christine between Blenheim, Lake Rotoiti and Nelson. Lake Rotoiti is one of my favourite places. I think you can see why . . . .

Lake Rotoiti.

So . .  I have a week left before I start traveling home, time to get on with some more work and just luxuriate in the lack of pressure that will surely engulf me as soon as I get home.
I will try to upload another post on here before I leave - if not - it will be next week.

Yours, relaxed and enjoying time with friends . . . .  Christine is just about to dish up dinner - I must go . .

x x x

Hello Diana, not long now, Jill hope to see you in March and Tod - Hello Gorgeous!!!!