Tuesday, 3 May 2016

The Journey at Roseland Mews - 28th and 29th April.

Starting to paint The Journey.

Not such a long wait this time. This is my third workshop of seven on my tour of the West Country. This was the second time I have taught at Roseland Mews, Liskeard for Jane Lockyer. I love it there, it is a beautiful area. Jane's studio is in a lovely garden with stunning views. Jane runs courses all year round - do have a look - www.lynhervalley.co.uk/roselandmewsstudio
The group was very enthusiastic and got to grips to what was needed fast.

As the previous post included The Journey in St Ives I will skip through this quite fast.

 Painting the journey, building up shapes and lines.

All the The Journeys lined up on the floor.

We also did the 'flipping out' exercise. Here, a section is being taken.
The isolated design is being traced off.

The food at Roseland Mews is quite fantastic.  
For £6 you can order a lunch, there is such a choice.
This was one of the open sandwiches - deeelicious!

Playing with the designs, making printing blocks . . .

The designs for all these blocks either came from The Journey or the 'flipping out' exercise.

Starting to print with the blocks.

Some of the printed fabrics and papers.

Fab baby wipes from cleaning the blocks.

Some of the prints on black paper . . .

I think you can see they created some fabulous work. Loads of opportunities for stitch here. The papers can be torn, the fabrics can be cut - used for applique . . . so many things. I had a fabulous time with this group, they worked really hard and produced great prints, I was VERY pleased.

So - onto the next workshop. Number four is A New Starting Point in Torquay, two days, tomorrow and Thursday . . .  watch this space!!

Hello Jill - not long now.  . .  Freedom
Hi Tod - scrumptious one.
Hi Diana - great day today.
Denise - Wactcha.

x x x

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  1. Everyone looks as though they've had great fun so far, some exciting work.
    Not that I'm counting too carefully you understand but, 9 weeks and 4 days .....xxx