Saturday, 3 May 2014

The 25th Wanaka Autumn Art School - April 28 - May 2, Part the first!

A very colourful and musical sample of faux chenille.

Isn't it amazing when something you have been planning for for a couple of years finally arrives? And then all of a sudden - it's over!!! It's my second to last night in The Antipodes. I am at my motel in Wanaka having had a lovely, lazy day mooching around. The most important part of the day was packing a parcel and sending it back home full of clothes . . .  My suitcase is a tad over weight, not unlike my good self!!

I arrived in Wanaka last Sunday having been given a lift from one of the students that had enrolled on my course. We had a very beautiful drive up from Dunedin. . . and then it was straight into setting my room to teach on Monday.
 More faux chenille samples.

The five day workshop I was due to teach was A New Starting Point. My newspaper based course. It is very odd teaching without a Volvo estate full of my kit. I have to rely on my students bringing everything in - and the odd international delivery from Vilene. We worked through colour washing newspaper, old books and maps, painting Bondaweb and faux chenille. Along with a bit of print and bit more stitch. If you haven't noticed already - this post is about the faux chenille part.

We had great fun layering all kinds of papers and adding polyester organza to the layers now and then. Here are just some of the samples - I had a group of fifteen very keen ladies. All of whom had seen all of my videos - several times. Arghh!!!  I have warned them not to watch the videos late at night, they will have nightmares . . . 

Some very interesting textures were created . . .


Gabby created two fabulous pots - complete with lids . . . .

Gabby included gift wrap foil in her layers . . .

For a shiny effect . . .

And she lined the pots with pages from a drawing magazine.

Sandy had fun decorating a canvas with pieces of her sample.

The tiny pieces of coloured paper are created when you distress the faux chenille. We collected them and ironed them onto Bondaweb. Nothing is wasted!!!

Barbara created a landscape with a kite surfer on a lake . . .

 . .  and Frances used one of her samples to make a frame for one of her torn and bonded samples.

We had a fabulous five days and I have an awful lot more to show you - 
in stages. . . . Watch this space! 


I will catching the bus to Christchurch tomorrow morning, then catching  the plane on my journey home. Will be back on Tuesday. Whoo hoo!

Hello Jill, Diana and Tod!

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