Tuesday, 11 February 2014

2 fabulous shows - Exeter and Manchester

Pieces from the '1914 A postcard from the front' exhibition at Craft4Crafters in Exeter.

As I sit safe in my office writing this post, the wind is blowing a rather scary hooley and it is lashing with rain, whipping up trees and knocking down fences but I am highly aware this is nothing to what is happening in the South West of our weather beleaguered country and along the Thames. My thoughts are with you all with the hope that this rain will stop soon.

I was in The West Country only the week before the rains started for Craft4Crafters at Westpoint Arena, Exeter. (January 30th - February 1st). I had not done this show before, my dear friend Diana Wright thought it would be a good one for me to do - she was so right - it was. I had a great time at the show and it was wonderful to see all the friends I had made last year when I did my 2 week 'tour' of the West Country. 
Diana is Vice President of The West Country Embroiderers - a thriving and well organised group from all over the area - have a look at their website and see what they are up to.  westcountryembroiderers.co.uk
My stand . . . . 
 I was given an extra 4 metres of stand to fill so I took along some course work from last years Experimental Textiles group. 
This proved very popular - particularly the workbooks.

 The show was full of exciting stands with loads of craft supplies to buy along with some fab textiles artists and tutors. It was very busy every day and I met some great ladies. Maggie Grey had her stand across from me and we had fun mucking about through the whole show. She is such a good laugh and it was great to finally meet Fiona who has helped Maggie with the business for a while now.

 The West Country Embroiderers Guild stand.

 There was a theme for the show - We will remember -  to mark the 100th 
 anniversary of the outbreak of the First World War, with many workshops available to make poppies and other remembrance related items.
The West Country Embroiderers had a corner of the show to run workshops and demonstrations and very poignant exhibition of postcards made by the members.


It was a very popular section of the show, with many hundreds of people spending at least half an hour looking at and reading the postcards. It was a very beautiful exhibition of work and also VERY sad.
1914 - A postcard from the front.


 I hope to have a stand at next years show - I have a meeting with the organiser in May when I get back from Australia and New Zealand. Have a look at the website - you can see what was going on at the show and the dates for next year. www.craft4crafters.co.uk I highly recommend this show. It is great fun and everyone is very friendly. I am very much looking forward to going back.


 The next week saw me doing the Creative Stitches show at Event City in Manchester, again, my stand had been extended so I was able to exhibit my students work again.

 10 metres looks a lot when you start to 'hang' your stand - you think you will be there for hours . . . .
 . . .  well 4 hours to be precise.
 I was selling my new KK glue at the show - it was very popular and by Sunday I had sold out. It should be on the website by the end of the month. am just finalising the labelling. The next post on the blog will be a step by step on how to use the glue with stencils.

 As I had a such a large stand I took along my earring and brooches which caused a bit of a stir - my gecko earrings were particularly popular.
  A few of the lovely ladies who came to have a chat with me at the Manchester show.

It never ceases to amaze me how kind people are - on the first day of the show Caroline Dart appeared with a box she had carried all the way from home containing this delicious cup cake - I have no idea why she thought I might like a cake!!!!!

 . . . and on the second day

Elizabeth Jones brought 2 very heavy newspapers that her husband had kindly brought back from Qatar. Even the junk mail in the newspaper looks interesting.
I can't wait to dye them and get layering with Bondaweb. Not quite sure when that will be though - but I can stroke them!!!

My thanks to Diana who put me up during the show in Exeter and Jill who put up with me during the Manchester show. You are both stars!


I am now living between Leicester and Brighton - my life just got more complicated . . . a man!! He is an understanding man - doesn't bat an eye lid when I need to take a photo of an interesting texture on a door step . . .

   . . .  or the shadows created by a window when we are in a crowded bar!


 it's going to be an interesting time . . . . .


And last but certainly not least - the advance copy of Reclaimed Textiles has arrived.

  . . . and YES!! it is furry . . . 

Reclaimed Textiles should be on sale in April. I am having 100 copies flown in ready for The Fashion, Embroidery and Stitch Show at the NEC, March 20th - 23rd. If anyone wants to order a signed copy for £18 (RRP 19.99) - drop me an email and I will hold one for you to collect at the show.     info@kimthittichai.com

 x x x

Hello Jill and Diana!


  1. Nice, the newspaper from Qatar, a couple of weeks ago I get also a newspaper from Qatar, with a lot af glossy paper.

    1. They are fabulous aren't they Aart? I can't wait to paint mine. x

  2. Sorry to say that a pink extension met its demise in our washing machine and a gecko brooch was rescued from outside the front door. He is happy staying clear of the cats! See you soon xx

    1. oooohh!!!! poor pink extension! Still he had a good life. The other extensions miss him though.

      What am I like - always leaving or dropping something, somewhere, that brooch must have leapt off my ample bosom as I was loading the car, I wondered where it had gone.
      See you at the NEC - whoo hoo. x x x

  3. Where can l get your gecko earings and the glue? x lynda

    1. Hi Lynda - the glue goes on the website at the begining of March. Email me and we will sort something out. info@kimthittichai.com