Friday, 30 August 2013

A short break in Kent

A fine figure of a man - one of the wonderful sculptures at Hole Park.

I've just returned from a few days in Kent with my Dad. We had a fabulous time wandering around gardens and vineyards - I feel as though I have been away for a week. It was great to drive about, not having to be somewhere by a set time.

We visited three gardens, Sissinghurst Castle, Marle Place and Hole Park. I haven't been to Sissinghurst for a few years and it is just as beautiful as ever - but very busy and very - National Trust.

Wonderful shadows created by the nut walk at Sissinghurst.

Beautiful borders on a large scale.

Stunning structure created by the well tended hedges and trees.

And glorious colours . . .

Marle Place Gardens is a different kind of garden altogether. A private garden open to the public every day apart from Thursday. It is an exquisite place to wander for the best part of a day. They don't serve lunch - just teas and coffees and delicious home made cakes. I can't recommend this garden highly enough. It is small enough not to be overwhelming but intriguing and exciting enough to entertain for several hours.

The flower beds are still looking luscious even this late in the summer.

The yew hedges are sharp and there are various topiary shapes around the garden.

What most fascinated me were the many odd sculptures lurking around in all manner of places around the garden. Very quirky and kooky . . .

 A lovely water feature . . . .


Fabulous mosaic . . .

 . . .  and you can't resist a swing . . . . at any age . . . 

And a great place to drink tea and eat gorgeous cake.

Do check it out

Today it was onto Hole Park Gardens before we drove home - another private garden, this time only open on Wednesdays and Thursdays. A very beautiful garden indeed - more formal than Marle Place Gardens.

Again this garden is worth checking out - there aren't coach loads of tourists to get in the way of every photo you want to take and there is plenty to see for every type of gardener.


I am teaching my ExTex group in Redditch this weekend, then it's off to teach at Art Van Go and then Denman college. It will be a busy nine days or so . . . . 

Have a great weekend.

x x x

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  1. I thought l recognised those quirky sculptures ... Marle House. We found it quite by accident last year. Must go back.My aunt goes to do courses at Denman Collage. Looks a great place. have fun. Lynda