Sunday, 9 June 2013

On the Surface - Foredown Tower - part the second

The field opposite the tower.

The second day started with a 'show and tell' of the work from yesterday. It was a surprising amount of work. We then got on with experimenting with Tyvek. I wanted to show the group how to raise the surface of a Bondaweb based piece of work. As Bondweb is ironed, it is flat, and sometimes you need extra texture. Small strips of Tyvek or Tyvek beads can help. 
Introducing Tyvek might not have been my best plan . . .  
I also mentioned how to make corsages . .  and they were off!!!! Not in the direction I was planning!!

 Two of yesterdays Hot Spot! samples.

 My plan for today had been for the group to have a quick play with Tyvek and then get on with a considered, stitched sample using painted Bondaweb - Huh!!! Fat chance!!

 Olivia making several corsages at once.

 Pip going into mass production.


 As you can see, they had great fun creating some gorgeous pieces.
 Sophie even sewed hers to her vest!!!

 One of the layered Tyvek samples.

I did eventually prevail . . and the serious work commenced. I don't like to be toooo didactic - after all the students have paid money to be on the course.

 Sophie created this very 'painterly' many layered sample -

  . .  and then free machine stitched into it to create a tree.

 Karen produced several beautiful samples, I love the positive and negative space in this one.

 Sophie added just a little more gold foil to her sample . . .

 Olivia had fun creating a landscape.

 Val created some exquisite samples - very simple, very beautiful.

  Pip had great fun with this piece - you can just see an image of the West Pier behind the blue - Pip is going to develop this idea further and incorporate more stitch.

The group worked very hard and had a good laugh - they all got on very well together which is always a bonus. My thanks to Pip, Karen, Val, Olivia, Sophie and Sue for such a fabulous weekend.

I love teaching at Foredown Tower - the views are amazing. I am very lucky to be able to hire it. We have a 'lock in' and have the run of the place - fabulous!


My next course at Foredown Tower, by way of coincidence - is 
Tinkering with Tyvek -  
July 13th & 14th 
where corsages WILL be part of the course. 


I'm off to Denman College tomorrow to teach a short Hot Textiles course - I am VERY excited as my dear friend Claire Muir is also teaching there so we can have a good catch up over dinner and perhaps a gin and tonic in the bar.
I don't get a lot of chance to catch up with mates so this will be a big treat - Yeehaa!!


43 sleeps to go!


  1. If I stay awake tonight, that will be 42 .... Have you ordered your threads yet??

  2. No, I just haven't had a minute - I have a few days when I get back from Cornwall and hope to get sorted then. Hope school is fun and not toooo wearing. Love to both. x x x