Monday, 15 April 2013

Zap, Pow, Slash and Burn! Foredown Tower - part the second

 Decorated black sew-in interfacing and coloured CS500 ironed onto Bondaweb then shapes were cut with a soldering iron. The shapes were then ironed onto another piece of CS500.

Well that was a great weekend. The group produced some fabulous samples. I'm going to split this post into 2 as there are too may images for one post.
I will post the next part tomorrow.  
The thing to remember with most of my workshops is that you don't create a finished piece of work. The idea is for the students to experiment with whichever products we are working with to help them generate their own ideas. Designing through process is an important part of my teaching and indeed my own work.

Some scrummy experiments with different weights of Tyvek.



After experimenting with the Tyvek we went onto working with painted Bondaweb and decorated the black pelmet Vilene light. This is a great weight to cut with a soldering iron. The idea was to to show the group the difference in how long it takes the soldering iron to cut through a thickish fabric and a very fine one. As is usual in one of my workshops this is a lesson on control.
These are some of the decorated samples ready to have Bondaweb ironed onto the back and then to have shapes cut out with a soldering iron. Basically it's applique but not cut with scissors . . . 

These samples were decorated with non natural embellishments. sequins, gilding flake, other synthectic fabrics, heat transfer foils and glitter. If you are cutting with a solderig iron you can't use things like skeleton leaves, natural threads etc as they won't cut with heat.


One of the samples with the shapes removed to show an interesting negative space.

The group were also working with coloured CS500 Vilene Spunbond which also had Bondaweb ironed onto the back. This is a much finer fabric and allows for translucent layering. 
Here are some of the samples. 







As you can see you can create some fabulous surfaces on which to stitch - or not. You can then iron Bondaweb onto the back of these samples and then cut shapes out of these and then  . . . . 

The sun actually came out yesterday - we had oh - at least three hours of sunshine. You could hear the larks singing over in the fields. The view from the tower is fantastic - you see right over the downs, over to Shoreham and of course, there are fabulous skies.

I will post more tomorrow.

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