Saturday, 13 April 2013

Zap, Pow, Slash and Burn! Foredown Tower part the first

 Layered Tyvek and polyester organza.

We had a great day today at Foredown Tower. It was the first day of a two day workshop - Zap, Pow, Slash and Burn! This workshop gives students a chance to play with all the zappable products that I work with namely, Tyvek, Vilene Spunbond and polyester organza.
 The group painting their Tyvek.

There were nine in the group and although it was pouring with rain outside and blowing a hooley, we were almost snug and warm inside.

 Working with a heat gun, an inch away from the surface of your work and holding the heat gun at a slight angle.
The group happily using their heat guns. 

The following images are all three layers of heavy (75gm) Tyvel layered with polyester organza and then stitched together on a sewing machine. The samples were then zapped with a heat gun. This exercise helps the student learn control - by moving the heat gun away from and towards the work, you can control the amount of layers you remove to expose different colours within the layers.



So - lots of colourful fun was had. Tomorrow we will be layering up Vilene Spunbond with painted Bondaweb and all manner of gorgeousness.

Time for dinner . . . . .  more later. x

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