Sunday, 30 September 2012

A new starting point - Genesis Textile Workshops 29th September

 Just a little glitter . . .

I hope you are sitting comfortably, this is going to be a long post -
On Saturday I taught a one day version of 'A new starting point' my new(ish) workshop based on using newspaper creatively, to a fab group called Genesis Textiles Workshops. This is a very active and organised group based in Solihul.  

  You always know that a workshop is going to go well when the biscuits and coffee come out first thing. . . .

You will be getting used to seeing (hopefully not bored with) images of my passion for newspaper, I hope that you will notice that no piece of work or sample is the same. The following images are created using my 'pretties and backgrounds' technique - which basically uses painted Bondaweb and torn newspaper with all kinds of gorgeous glittery bits and pieces. Gilding flake, glitter, sequins . . . . 

 Then of course we have to have lunch-

I know it is sometimes a great concern to who ever is charge of providing the tutors lunch, don't worry, we are happy with what ever you give us - a sandwich and an apple, a salad and bread roll, anything really.
Yesterday was a treat - I was given homemade squash, lentil and carrot coup and gorgeous bread followed by some lovely ripe cheeses and homemade chutney - a simple and tasty feast. It was so good I felt I needed a snooze afterwards.

After lunch the group printed onto one or two of their backgrounds in a colour that already existed in the piece they were printing onto. This helps the print become part of the work, not leap out and be the main interest. I think the work looks more interesting if the print fades in and out of definition. Lines and section of print can be further defined with hand or machine stitch, again in a colour that closely matches the print. 

Detail of the above image

 Detail of above image

The group also tried creating faux chenille with layers of newspaper and polyester organza. For some reason the next images wouldn't 'centre!!!!


 I thought I had taken photos of the faux chenille - but I didn't - herrummphh!! I must have been distracted by something . . .
I had a brilliant day with this great group, they produced some beautiful pieces. I hope some get sttiched into - hint hint!!!

This group are looking for new members so if you are interested in joining them, email me and I will forward your emails.


As promised - here are photos of our 'Friday night special' - before we ate it this time. It is an ENORMOUS chocolate sundae composed of chocolate brownie, profiteroles, ice cream and other gorgeous crunchy and squidgy delights. Please notice the three spoons. This time the lovely Linda was helping Bren and I devour this wickedness. 
I'm afraid I will be up in Redditch again in two weeks to teach my lovely ExTex group - I wonder where I will be on Friday night - Ha Ha!!!


  SO gorgeous and SOOOO naughty!

I am sitting here writing this with blue dye on my hair. I am preparing myself for an event this evening, and it is a full moon tonight - who knows what might happen . . . ! I must away and decide just what to wear, how much Polyfilla to apply, decisions, decisions . . . .

x x x


  1. .....talking of Polyfilla...

    ...have you come across some similar stuff (but lightweight) that is used to stick up polystyrene coving? You can stitch into it once it's dry and might be a useful addition to the newspaper chenille creations. looks good with the shimmer mist spray on it too...

    x C

  2. oohh!! You know how to get an old lady excited!!! Yes my lovely girl, I have tried most 'sticky uppy' things in my time as a tutor. The shimmer mist sounds divine - will have to try it. I trust you are being as creative as ever you clever girl. x x x

    1. oooooooooooooh yes!

      ...just fiddling with some new fabric bits on double super-heavy-sticky vilene to make some earrings.

      Will send photos when done.

      x C

  3. It is always so great to see what gorgeous new thing you are going to come up with next. I am enjoying your three books and all your lovely stuff on the blog immensely. Looking forward to the new book