Friday, 3 August 2012

A catch up week!

Medium sized Hot Spots! cut to shape, ironed onto black cotton and decorated with sequins, glitter and foil.

This is just a quick catch up post. I have been home for a whole week - didn't get quite as much done as I wanted - The bindweed is still evident in the garden but my deck is looking very pretty. August seems to be a purple month in my garden. The Buddleias have actually come into flower at last. Everything is so slow to flower as there has been so little sunshine. My Pelargoniums (Geraniums in old language) are also just coming into flower.

I have been having fun playing with Hot Spots! for an article in Stitch magazine. It is so good to have a reason to get the glitter and foils out. Playtime is now over - it is the end of a week that should have seen a sparkling clean house, Huh!!! no chance, I have been playing on Facebook and catching up with friends in the Antipodes. I always swore I would never go on Facebook but it is SO useful for keeping up with friends and colleagues - I also swore, on this very blog, that I would never write another book - never say never!!!!

Dwarf Nemesia and herbs on my deck with the Buddleia poking through the trellis.
The Lavender is now out and the bees are buzzing all around it. My little purple Clematis is looking rather gorgeous climbing around one of the telegraph poles.

My diary is just about up to date now and online. It does get a bit complicated trying to double check and cross reference my lap top with my bookings diary and my personal diary. As I am now teaching Experimental Textiles regularly I have less time to teach other workshops. I have 2 bookings for 2015 and 2014 is half full already. Daft isn't it?? Still a girl has to pay the mortgage.

I need to get some orders out for and then start to sort out what I need to teach at Denman College next week. I am teaching at Bobby Britnell's studio the following week and I hope to pop into Festival of Quilts on the Friday as I will be in that area. 

I am having the website spruced up and it was supposed to ready this week - hhmmm!!! I have now been told it will be 'up' by the end of the day on Monday. Since the article about me in Stitch this month I have sold loads of my Bondaweb DVD's - Yeehaa!

It's been great to have a rest - I've even read a book, a novel, not a technical book for a change - it has been lovely. I now need to wind my self back up!

Have a great weekend.


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