Sunday, 1 April 2012

Lazzie's garden

Balloons over Melbourne early this morning - we could see them from Laziza's garden.

Well I'm here! Both flights were great and I managed to get some sleep so I feel almost human already. The jet lag combined with my medication makes for funny moments when my words come out wrong. I say a word that is similar to the one I want - but not the same. It makes great entertainment.

My host is Laziza, she volunteered to put me up on the my arrival in Melbourne until I leave for Geelong on Tuesday morning. We are having great fun. Yesterday we wandered down Fitzroy and looked around the Rose Street Artists Market then had a fabulous lunch. The food here is SO wonderful, I had been craving fresh, crunchy food so had a mango and prawn salad with all kinds of delicious fruit and vegetables in it - I also had a side order of potato wedges with sour cream . . .  in case you thought I was being too good!

There was an amazing array of graffiti, but of course being a bit dopey after my flight I had left my camera back at the house and phone was being charged. We are going into Melbourne later to see a comedy performance. There is a comedy festival on the moment. No doubt there will be plenty of graffiti for me to capture!

Laziza has some beautiful plants in her garden. If I was more awake I would draw some of them. A 'Moonlight Grevillea' with stunning flowers . .

 . .  and beautiful seed pods.

The seed pods (gum nuts) and flowers of a Silver Princess Eucalyptus - they are SO beautiful. The pods actually look as the though they have been sprayed with silver paint, amazing.

 . . and the bark is very beautiful too . . .

I will be seeing more of Laziza when I get to Ballarat as she will be on Dionne Swift's course. Laziza is great fun - we are having a FAB time together.

So  . . . off to Federation Square - will report back later . . . . 

x x x


  1. Is that laziza who was at Geelong Forum??? Are you down in Queenscliff over Easter Laziza???


  2. Hi Jo, Yes! I have just asked Laz if that is she and it is!!!! and No! she wont be at Queensclff over Easter.
    P.s She is a wonderful host - we have had SUCH fun. I will hate to leave. x