Monday, 2 April 2012

A Fantastic Exhibition.

"Living Water, an exhibition showcasing 107 contemporary Indigenous paintings by 94 artists from the Felton Bequest Gift, displays works by male and female artists from the Far Western Desert, an area stretching across parts of Western Australia, South Australia and the Northern Territory. 

Aboriginal people from across the Western Desert use the term ‘living water’ to describe water sources, including rock holes and soakage waters that are fed by underground springs. The path of these springs was created by the ancestral beings of the Tjukurrpa (Dreaming) as they themselves journeyed underground, their entry into the earth often marking the site of current day water sources.
‘Living water’ is revered also because it does not seem to be affected by the harsh conditions above the ground that the people themselves have to endure." from the NGV website - it is a fascinating read if you have time. NGV website

 Wandering around this beautifully hung exhibition you feel as though you are bathed in colour and light.


 Sorry this one is not in focus - we were allowed to take photos - but with out flash and of course the light is quite low, but I didn't want to leave this one out. I just love the way trees have been interpreted.


I had a wonderful time wandering around Federation Square, there is always something going on. On Sunday night Laziza, her man and my self went to a brilliant comedy show at the town hall and then we had dinner at the Chocolate Buddha - my first Japanese meal. Delicious. 

 a view over the Yarra river

 The view from the restaurant - amazing!

You can just see the table and chairs of the restaurant where we ate on the right - Melbourne has a wonderful mix of old and new architecture - it gives the city and amazing energy - I LOVE it!


I am off to Geelong today - I will be teaching tomorrow and Thursday and then it is Good Friday - another day off. My host at Geelong - Gillian - will be showing me the sights of the Geelong area then it is off to Ballarat on Saturday.

I don't know if I will have any internet access so this blog will be sporadic. 



  1. This is gorgeous, Kim ! Thanks so much:-) I love Australian Aboriginal art . The close connection to the world around is always so evident. More of us should pay more attention to our world! Enjoy your trip. Hope you are feeling better now?

  2. Wow - The Telegraph did a feature earlier in the week - asking 'Are these the world's ugliest buildings' They had Federation Square Melbourne as one of the buildings. Mind you, few of the buildings were ugly, merely different. Federation Square looks wonderful, especially lit in blue - the colour of Portsmouth. Sounds a grand holiday...

  3. wonderful display of artwork ,very spiritual.
    your trip is bringing back some lovely memories of my time in Oz.. thanks for sharing yours.