Friday, 6 January 2012

Murcia - The Three Kings Procession

Sorry - I couldn't resist showing you how beautiful the sky is here in Spain this morning . . . . . I love the pale berries on this tree.


 Murcia Cathedral at dusk

Brenda, Keith and I went into Murcia last night to watch The Three Kings Procession. Today is Three Kings Day, a bit like our Christmas Day. We had a great night and I never tire of taking photo's of the Cathedral - it is SO beautiful . . . . .  My images of the procession are not the best as it was dark, but hopefully you can get a flavour of what it was like. There were marching bands and all kinds of floats and most importantly - sweets and toys being thrown  to the children. It was all very exciting. The Spanish certainly know how to put on a good show . . . . .

I love sitting outside in the evening and watching the world go by - it is not something that Brenda or I do a lot of when we are back in the U.K. Once we are up - we are at work!

I fly home tomorrow night ready to teach at Denman on Monday so I will be helping Brenda clear up the garden today. We have planted some new Bougainvillea in the garden and moved some of the more established plants. We need everything looking good for when Jennie Rayment teaches here at the Castanea Studios in February. The new teaching season has almost begun. Castanea Craft Courses  I will be teaching here in October.

So off to the garden now - where is that rake???


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