Friday, 20 January 2012

Free - Hot Spots!!!

 Hot Spots! decorated with various heat transfer foils, sequins and glitter - FAB!

 Well that was good idea! 

I offered a free Hot Spots! Playpack (value £6) with every order received on between the 15th and 25th January on this blog and in my newsletter and have been very pleased with the result. I wanted to see if it was necessary to put anything on the home page of the website to generate interest - it seems not! I think if I had put the offer on the website I wouldn't be able to cope. Thank you all for your orders and for being such lovely guinea pigs . . . . . . I have never done an offer before but I am so encouraged I think I will do another one next month - so watch this space.  

It is my way of thanking my existing customers and blog followers and gives you a chance try something new. So until midnight on the 25th January - if you place an order - you get a free Hot Spots! Playpack. If anyone fancies sending me an image of what they have done with their Hot Spots! I will put it on here for you all to see.

If you are unsure how to use Hot Spots! and have a strong constitution - there is a free film of me using Hot Spots! on the top left of this blog - (second film link down). I was very nervous when I started filming but I do warm up . . .



  1. Hi Kim just wanted to say a huge thank you for this brilliant offer - which I took up with great alacrity!!!! Just love reading your posts and being jealous of all those lucky people able to come one your courses..... think I'll have to move to Brighton! Lol. Thanks for all the inspiration.

    Karen x

  2. Hi Karen, glad you liked the offer - and I am delighted you enjoy the blog, I love wrtiting it . . . . you don't have to move to Brighton as I rarely teach here since my old college closed down. Hopefully you can glean quite a lot from here.
    thanks for reading, Kim x