Thursday, 1 December 2011

. . . on being late

I HATE being late for anything, and things being late, like buses and DVD's!!!!!
It looks as though my Creative Bondaweb DVD will not be arriving until the 8th December at the very latest, it may be here sooner, It is in the queue to be finished and packed and of course the replication company is slightly busy this time of year. We are nearly there. As soon as they arrive I will put them in the post. All the envelopes are stamped and ready to go. (it has taken me all week to get them ready).

For customers who have DVD's included in a mixed order of products - I will be posting your other products tomorrow and post the DVD's as soon as I get them. I know it will cost me more on postage but I am worried your parcels will get caught up in the Christmas post, particularly the orders from the U.S.A. and Australia.


Watch this space!



  1. So annoying when we were told Dec 1st - I haven't even heard when mine will be available

  2. HHHmmmm!! Hopefully yours is being finished at the same time. At least we know they will be good when we do get them . . . x x

  3. what certificate are these DVDs? will wearing glasses give a 3D effect?

    ollie owl

  4. Ho Ho!!! They are a 'Y' certificate and wearing glasses will definitely give a 3D effect.
    It would also probably help to have a wide angle T.V. screen . . . . x