Saturday, 22 October 2011

. . . finishing touches

Today is my catch up day to finish off and write up my project for the next issue of Workshop on the Web (WOW) Maggie has been VERY patient waiting for me to finish. Another 2 hours and I will be done. 
Then there is more writing (and thinking - Ouch!) to be done for Deena. Hello Deena! You will have your copy this afternoon. I will tell you all what it all about later on this month. Both ladies have been so patient with me this week - what with broken toes and dashing about with parents I have lost a lot of time this week.

This is just a little temptation to show you what I am working on for WOW, you will have to wait till it is published on the web to find out what I am up to and how it is all put together . . . . .

Back to work now - just wanted to say Hello! and have a good weekend. 


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