Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Back to the real world . . .

 torn papers layered with painted Bondaweb and gilding flake

It's Tuesday already - Yes!! I realise you have all also noticed this. I don't know where Monday went, I think I was a bit tired after FOQ. I need to be very organised today. I have to plan the next week, I am leaving to teach at Art Van Go for 3 days tomorrow and after that I go straight up to Redditch to teach 3 one day workshops at Inkberrow Design Centre   . . .  aarrgGHHH!!!!
I seem to be living out of a suitcase at the moment. I'm looking forward to spending some quality time with Viv and Kevin at Art Van Go, I hardly saw them at the show we were all so busy. I will also get a chance to catch up with my very good friend Brenda Killigrew when I teach for her on Sunday, Monday & Tuesday. Watch out Redditch - we will be out on the town.

The Craftynotions stand - no one would stand still for a photo, they were all being very silly . . . I think we were all delirious by the last day . . . 

The show was great fun and a great treat for me - I just had the luxury of playing with all the sparkly and twinkly bits that Sarah has to offer for 4 days while catching up with lots of friends. It's a tough job . . . . ! x

The very beautiful Claire Muir was at the show helping her new husband on the Bernina stand and here she is catching up with Magaret Beal and her lovely man. Margaret was wowing the crowds with her skill as she wielded her soldering iron. 

My crazy friends from Ario - Fiona and Karen, I first met these wonderful 'girls from the valleys' at a show at Excel in London many years ago. We have been good friends ever since, though we have little time to see each other these days.  

just when you are trying to a take a photo - Walter from Oliver Twists comes along and joins in!!!!!!

Fay and Kay were also at the show and also staying at the same Guest House as me. I included one of Fay's amazing cut and slashed bags in my new book. I still have the bag - I must send it back to her today - I have had it for months. It is one of the things I keep meaning to do  . . . . www.fayandkay.co.uk

. . . .  and last but certainly not least - the Divine, Wonderful and Oh so Talented (she hates it when I do that) Ruth Issett was demonstrating her stunning use of colour on the Art Van Go stand. I don't know where Viv and Kevin were when I took this - but Susan Chapman was there so that almost made up for it. Ruth teaches with Bobby Britnell at Moor Hall in Shropshire.

Susan was in a really good mood when I caught up with her - she has just completed an MA in Textiles at Chichester - Congratulations Susan.

more decorated and torn papers


I am finding it very difficult to concentrate on anything at the moment - some of you will know I am being wooed by a certain structural engineer and I keep drifting off into a daze . . . . 
My pose from Denman, and Jill and Tallulah will be smiling at this - this one has stopped me in my tracks ladies, I feel like a rabbit caught in headlights, this is not good when I am having such a busy week. AARRGHHH!!!!! CONCENTRATE Kim!!!!!!

So - off to sort out all my kit for the week and unload the car and reload the car - do some washing, buy some food, re pack my suitcase - and remember to breath . . . Honestly - at my age!!!! any of my students who are booked on courses with me in the next week who are reading this - I apologise in advance . . . .  x


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