Tuesday, 30 August 2011

The Magnifcent Seven . . .!

 all the floral 'journeys' hanging on the wall

Hot Textiles - drawing inspiration from the garden - West Dean College www.westdean.org.uk
One of the very many wonderful things about teaching at West Dean is that they will run a course with low numbers. The maximum for any course is 10 - such a treat and due to cancellations I have seven on my course this week. I am combining design with layers that are to be cut back with a soldering iron. We will be using shapes inspired by the beautiful grounds of West Dean.
 Today we worked on a floral 'journey' (see pages 20 - 23 Experimental Textiles). The studios are huge and each student has their own bench and power supply - the facilities are really excellent.

Esther filling in the spaces of her floral journey

The journeys all hanging together on the wall they almost look like one design as they are only black and white. If we had introduced colour it would have lessened the impact.

We then moved onto the 'flipping out' exercise (see pages 18 - 19 Experimental Textiles)
cut a simple design from the side of a rectangle and flip or hinge the shape out

not bad for the first day - I wasn't going to post again till the weekend but these girls are producing such FAB work I think I will need to write things up as we go - x

Sunday, 28 August 2011

Inkberrow Design Centre - Transforming Transfers

disperse dyes (transfer paints) ironed onto polyester satin

The last workshop of 3 at Inkberrow Design Centre Inkberrow Design Centre was Transforming Transfers. I love transfer printing, it is one of the most simple techniques for colouring synthetic fabrics and one of the most effective. Disperse dyes (transfer paints) are painted onto copy/computer paper. Once the paper is dry the dye is ironed off onto synthetic fabric. You need to place baking parchment underneath your fabric and between the iron and the dyed paper. The dye is transferred by heat, so the iron needs to be as hot as your fabric will stand. The papers can be cut or torn and resists can also be used between the dyed paper and the fabric.

We had a great day experimenting with the dyes, the studios at Inkberrow are large and airy with plenty of room for play!

Emma and Sally ironing off their papers

grasses used as a resist between the dyed paper and the fabric

Sally used a metal frame as a resist - and discovered it was a good conductor of heat!!!! Hot metal burns!!!

seed heads used as a resist then the seeds heads were turned over and printed. This way you get a positive ad a negative print

cut dyed paper shapes ironed onto synthetic fabric

experiments with cut papers and over printing

experiments with torn papers and over printing

So, a good time was had by all - I will back at Inkberrow in October and November (see right). I'm off to teach my last summer school at West Dean College West Dean College tomorrow - it's a tough job but someone has to do it. The grounds will be full of colour and texture, a great resource for what we will be doing . . .  I will report back at the weekend.
Have a good week!

Saturday, 27 August 2011

Inkberrow Design Centre - 3 One Day Workshops 21st - 23rd August

 one of the beautiful layered samples created on the Tinkering with Tyvek workshop

Last Saturday night saw me dashing up various motorways from Art Van Go in Knebworth to Inkberrow Design Centre in Redditch ready to start teaching on Sunday. I was booked to deliver 3 one day workshops - On the Surface, Tinkering with Tyvek and Transforming Transfers.
As I  have just posted about painted Bondaweb I will omit the images of the On the Surface workshop and go straight to the Tyvek. We had one of the best days working with Tyvek that I have ever had. 
I had a great group of students, some already attending the college and some were new to the 'Inkberrow Experience'. Brenda Killigrew who is the managing director of Inkberrow Design Centre 
www.inkberrowdesigncentre.co.uk/?q=front_page_alt and Castanea http://castanea-craft-courses.com/ was around most of the time, popping in to check we were well supplied with coffee and biscuits. Brenda is a very good friend of mine and it was wonderful to get a chance to spend some time with her. But onto the Tyvek -
3 sheets of 75gm Tyvek layered with polyester organza, machine stitched together and then zapped with a heat gun to reveal different layers

another layered, stitched and zapped sample

The same sample - front and back. circles of Tyvek stitched together then ironed lightly for texture - Fab!

This lovely corsage was created by stitching together 3 circles of Tyvek in 3 different sizes in the centre and then zapped very carefully with a heat gun.

I saved the best til last - this amazing water lily was constructed by a young man named Sam - he is one of the youngest students I have taught for some time and he produced some very thoughtful and sensitive work. I am hoping that Sam will be enrolling on my new course at Inkberrow next year - no pressure Sam . . . . . 

Which brings me neatly to - 
I will be teaching a shortened form of my 4 year course Experimental Textiles at Inkberrow next year. This is the course that is featured in my second book of the same name. It was a very
popular course but there is no way I can even consider teaching a 4 year course now. I will be putting the finishing touches to the course this weekend and it will be published here  
over the next few days,.at the moment just the dates are up.

As most of you will know I really need more teaching - not!! But I have missed my regular teaching and Inkberrow is such a great venue, it seemed like a good idea . . . . . . . 

More tomorrow


Friday, 26 August 2011

HOT New Surfaces for Stitch - Day 3 - part 3

 one of Sharon Tavener's many excellent samples

Just one last quick post about the summer school at Art Van Go last week then I can catch up with the Inkberrow workshops before I go to West Dean College. As you have probably gathered the final day was very productive with many different techniques employed. I don't want you to think that painted Bondaweb was missed out so here a few FAB samples.

another sample of painted Bondaweb by Sharon Tavener

detail of above

This delightful sample by  Paula Mason shows you don't need to add too much to painted Bondaweb. Just a little delicate hand stitch is all you need . . . . . 

I will be back at Art Van Go in November. While I was teaching there this time Viv and I got down to booking my courses for next year, they are listed on my full diary 
There will also be a special mentoring day for my past students at Art Van Go who want to develop further ideas and skills on September 1st 2012.

more on Sunday  . . . 


Thursday, 25 August 2011

HOT New Surfaces for Stitch - Day 3 - part 2

  amazing layers by Mary Campbell - layers of zapped Vilene Spunbond and craft/pelmet Vilene cut with a soldering iron

The students produced some amazing work on this 3 day workshop at Art Van Go www.artvango.co.uk there many different levels of experience in the group but everyone got on really well, sharing materials, experience . . . . and chocolates . . . .

Beautiful textures by Tracey Fordham, layers of zapped Vilene Spunbond and ployester organza applied to a painted Bondaweb background

More zapped Vilene Spunbond embellished with French knots and stab stitch. This lovely sample ended up on the cover of a sketch book.

I was particularly pleased with this sample by Phillipa Hamilton, it is the best piece of work I have seen so far that manages to incorporate and disguise textures Tyvek - stunning!

Close up of Phillipa's sample

another sample by Phillipa, this time layers of heavy Tyvek and polyester organza machine stitched together and then zapped with a heat gun.

This clever textured piece by Sue Dunkerley was just a rectangle of heavy Tyvek layered with a piece of polyester organza with free machine stitch. The Tyvek was then textured with an iron which also gathered the polyester organza - FAB!!!!

the reverse side of Sue's sample

so you can see we had a good time and developed some wonderful samples - I will post the final samples tomorrow - 


Heads up for my Denman posse, Jill and Tallulah - if something seems to be too good to be true - it probably is - 
There is no fool like an old fool!!!


Monday, 22 August 2011

HOT New Surfaces for Stitch - Day 3 - part 1

We had such a productive day on the third day of the summer school that I will doing 3 posts - this is this the first and it shows some of the 3D samples that were developed that day. This FAB Tyvek box was made by the lovely lady who sat in the corner by the stereo whose name I wrote down and consequently lost - apologies . . . ..

This box was made bu Jo Hogg, pelmet/craft Vilene cut to shape, folded and embellished with a Tyvek shape.

This trio of Tyvek bowls was made by Julia Fonnereau

A close up of one of Julia's bowls

Marion Hornall created this bowl by layering up Tyvek and polyester organza which was machine stitched together and then zapped with a heat gun. This was then shaped further with heat to create this cheeky little bowl.

Sue Dunkerly used the opportunity of time on the summer school to develop some ideas she had been working on based around seed pods. Layers of Tyvek. polyester organza and Vilene Spunbond were layered, machine stitched and zapped, then shaped to create the shell shape on which Sue placed a bead made from Tyvek and threads.

very delicate and beautiful Tyvek flowers by Sharon Tavener. Sharon has used small beads and pieces of coral to created the stamen inside the flowers. 
This is Sharon's website www.silknthreaddesigns.co.uk


I will be posting more on this summer school over the next few days, I am still teaching my 3 one day workshops at Inkberrow Design Centre www.inkberrowdesigncentre.co.uk so am a bit short of time at the moment. Brenda and I are off to me our good friend Mary Day www.marydaysilks.com for dinner so will dash off now. I will also be posting about what we are getting up to at Inkberrow Design Centre but that will have to wait till the weekend. I hope to be able to confirm a new course of 7 weekends over 9 months based here at Inkberrow - Yeehaa!!! it will be good to teaching a longer course again. Watch this space . . . x

Friday, 19 August 2011

HOT New Surfaces for Stitch - Day 2

 Vilene Spunbond layered with polyester organza

So - the second day. We played with distressing Tyvek this morning using single layers and ironing lightly between baking parchment and this afternoon we started layering properly - combining layers of Tyvek with polyester organza, and then Vilene Spunbond with polyester organza.

Tyvek and polyester organza before it was zapped with a heat gun

and after it was zapped

Vilene Spunbond and polyester organza before it was zapped

and after it was zapped

This is the 'naughty' table taking tea in the garden, when you are using heat guns it is important to have regular breaks , preferably in the fresh air 

This is Kevin of Art Van Go - partner to Viv

 . . .  and this is Viv

I love teaching at Art Van Go, apart from the fact that everything is so well organised, we are waited on hand and foot and they serve chocolates with afternoon tea - It is always good to see Viv and Kevin. I don't see them often enough so it is great to be seeing for several days this time.

I love this sample - the colour combination is FAB. Tomorrow we will be cutting these samples back further with soldering irons to create more definition.

This is a short post as I now need to to get onto Instant Messenger to 'talk' to a certain structural engineer in Dubai!!!! I will be dashing up to Redditch tomorrow night after the course so will update the final day sometime after Sunday.