Thursday, 2 June 2011

Extreme Surfaces for Stitch at Denman College Part 2 - Puddings and Flowers . . .

. . . we are working really . . This a shot of the Light Craft Room where I am teaching, it is very well equipped and Hope, Technical Support, is always so helpful and makes sure we tutors have everything we could possibly need for our teaching. We are all having a great time and I will post the work the students are developing in the next two days but now to what else is happening at Denman this week. 

Apart from my course there are beading, photography and flower arranging classes going on.

These are some of the beautiful displays that are being created

But onto something closer to my heart . . the PUDDINGS! Teaching residential courses can be quite intense so I only teach at two colleges four to five times a year. One of the bonuses is the food and how well everyone is looked after. No washing up, no phone calls just teaching FAB students, making new friends and catching up with old ones. It' s a tough job . . .

Apple Strudel or -

chocolate brownies or -

chocolate mousse, banoffee mess or fresh fruit salad . . .  it can be very hard to choose, and then there is cheese and biscuits too!!!!!! How IS a girl to choose?
So we are melting, stitching, soldering, bonding, painting, layering and thoroughly having a good time - did I mention there are fresh cakes for tea . . !


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