Thursday, 10 March 2011

The Heat Guns Have Arrived - Hurrah!

What a sexy little beast!!! 

The heat guns have arrived and I am SO excited. This one is definitely worth the wait. 10 degrees hotter than my previous one so it is 360 watts - not only that, but it is 2 speed so you can use one speed for fine fabrics and for embossing and the higher speed for distressing the heavy Vilene Spunbond CS800, acetate satin and Kunin felt. Only distress synthetic fabrics - if you are not sure - do a test and if anything smells strongly - stop!

Just to remind you all - when using a heat gun, always work on baking parchment/paper or a heat proof surface and make sure the room you are working in is well ventilated. Never paint products you are going to distress with oil based products as they will give off fumes when heated. I would avoid aerosol based sprays as well.
Basically just be careful and use your common sense. If the product you are heating starts to turn brown - STOP - it means there is a natural fabric in the product and will not melt. In extreme cases singeing can turn to flames. Is that enough?????

Here are some samples to illustrate what can be achieved with a heat gun -

75gm Tyvek layered with polyester organza machine stitched together then zapped with a heat gun to reveal various layers.

75gm Tyvek cut into decreasing shapes and stitched together in the middle to hold them in place before you zap with a heat gun to create distressed and curved edges

Transfer printed Evo 80/Evolon decorated with Xpandaprint and zapped with a heat gun

layers of fabric weight Tyvek and Spunbond CS700 stitched onto a background of painted craft Vilene and then zapped with a heat gun

The heat gun page has been reactivated on the website if you are tempted. I will be taking a box of heat guns up to Cottingham, East Yorkshire with me so get ready ladies . . . . 
Anything ordered over the weekend while I am away will be dispatched on Wednesday.

So -  I will now try to calm down and get all the pre ordered heat guns in the post tonight, thank you for your patience everyone. I will report back about how I got on with all the lovely ladies of E.Y.E.S  (East Yorkshire Embroidery Society) on my return.


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