Tuesday, 7 December 2010

pain au chocolat and coffee . . . .

do you dunk yours?
The snow was washed away on Friday night by very heavy rain, it was a miracle. We went to bed with thick snow on the ground and woke up on Saturday morning to virtually no snow at all. We now have freezing fog, which is very beautiful in the garden decorating all the different textures with white lace - but deadly on the roads.

The change in the weather was very timely for a busy Open House weekend. I was particularly pleased this weekend as I sold a large piece of work of my own for a change. It always does my confidence a power of good to sell something - it also helps my groaning bank balance!

 . . of land, sea and sky

'. . . of land, sea and sky' was created on two 'L' shaped canvases by layering hand dyed silk tops onto similarly dyed heavy pelmet Vilene plus and 'knocked back' with toning painted Bondaweb. The whole piece was then painted with acrylic wax to seal the surface. The piece can be hung as one solid work or slightly separated. I shall miss this work but I will feel more inspired to develop some new ideas now.

 . . . . or I will be when I have finished my book, I am nearly there but I am having to get up earlier every day to try to meet the deadline. I am so easily distracted plus nid-noi.com has been busy this week.

I am listening to the radio travel and weather news as I write this blog and I hope those of you reading this in Scotland who are suffering such awful weather are safe and warm.

take care and keep in touch

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